About the Artist


(alone in a pantry,
refusing eye contact)


(cool sweatshirt my grandmother painted for my dad to wear in law school...
wonder why he did't wear it much in class;
no comment on eye contact)


(I should mention I love parentheticals)

(once again struggling to make eye contact, but in an elegant way)

(and this is the part where I start talking about myself, the artist)

My name is Rachel. I prefer Rach, but I'm too shy to ask you to call me Rach if you've been calling me Rachel for all this time. But Rach kind of rhymes with "paint" if you don't think about it too hard.

So I'm calling this Rach Paints Art...and sometimes I draw.

I'm a millennial studying for a graduate degree in Pastoral Leadership, so theology and all things ecclesiology occupy a lot of my brain space. When I'm not studying or typing the bulletin at the Church parish I work at, I'm creating artwork. It's very quirky, and most of the time it's very Catholic.

Well, sometimes I paint old rock stars and cats. But you get the point.

If you're into the temperaments, you might guess that I'm totally a melancholic. But also I'm a sanguine. It's dramatic. I know. And I don't know what I'm thinking and feeling until I paint and draw. So, I hope you enjoy my artwork and the musings I make about it all in my blog. Reading it is what I imagine is what it would be like to step into my art studio--I mean, if I had an art studio. That would be cool.

(But I don't even think I'd call it a studio. "Studio" sounds so industrial. I prefer the term "lair." Art lair. Yeah.)

Anyway, if you'd like to take home my artwork for yourself, check out some prints, stickers, and more in my shop. Support your local Catholic artist who's trying to evangelize with the rhythm of Beauty.