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"Immaculate Heart" Rough Draft on Block Print Paper

"Immaculate Heart" Rough Draft on Block Print Paper

All of the proceeds from these little prints are donated to Springs in the Desert, an apostolate that "accompanies those struggling with infertility by offering a place of respite and solidarity where they can know God’s love for them and discover His unique call to fruitfulness."


These are rough draft/test-prints/prototypes for my Immaculate Heart of Mary linoleum block carving I made as commission for the Springs in the Dessert retreat held for women grappling with infertility and loss. I'm offering these test-prints as reminders to pray for couples who pray so, so, so hard to be life-giving. They hand-pressed on 8X10 inch block-printing paper...each print is unique, just as each couple's story is unique.


NOTE: these are all rough drafts, and no print has the same texture or color scheme. I can't gauruntee which color you receive.

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